Click Traffic

Highly targeted traffic delivering insurance shoppers to your site.

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Why Buy Insurance Click Traffic?

Insurance shoppers are sent directly to your site with the intent of buying insurance.

Who should buy Insurance Click Traffic?

The click traffic product from Cege is perfect for insurance providers looking for highly qualified, clear intent traffic for their site. We can send traffic based off unique sites, verticals and so much more.

Cege offers click traffic across primary insurance verticals including Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare and Homeowners Insurance. We can target traffic based on all types of custom settings.

Live Transfers

Pre-qualified consumers with a warm hand-off to you sales agents.

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Pay Per Call

Consumer initiated calls with 100% contact rate.

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Exclusive Leads

Same quality of an exclusive lead but at a fraction of the cost.

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Aged Leads

High volume leads meant to keep your call center agents busy.

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