Aged Leads

High volume leads meant to keep agents busy.

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Why Buy Aged Leads?

With Aged Leads, Cege provides a last-ditch effort on high quality leads generated 30+ days prior. These leads have sat dormant for a period of time, and may require additional follow up in order to satisfy their insurance needs. These leads are Cege’s most inexpensive product, and are meant to be purchased in thousand plus lead quantity and fed into a dialer at a rapid rate.

Who should buy aged leads?

The aged lead product from Cege is intended for insurance call centers and agents who would like qualified insurance sales prospects at a bargain price. These consumers were actively shopping for insurance 30+ days ago, and may need some additional follow up to satisfy their shopping experience.

Cege offers shared leads across primary insurance verticals including Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare and Homeowners Insurance. We offer specific geographic/demographic targeting and highly discounted pricing to ensure that your return on your lead purchase is in line with your goals.

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