Live Transfers

Pre-qualified consumers with a warm hand-off to you sales agents.

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Why Buy Live Transfer Leads?

Live Transfers are a great way to guarantee that you receive 100% contact rates on your leads and are constantly keeping your agents busy.

Why buy Live Transfers?

The live transfer product from Cege is perfect for an insurance provider with a call center. With a warm hand-off, you can maximize your call centers conversion metrics and close more sales.

Cege offers live transfers across primary insurance verticals including Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare and Homeowners Insurance. We offer tracking on our live transfer campaigns to ensure the highest quality.

Exclusive Leads

Highly Qualified Sales Leads, Sold One Time.

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Click Traffic

Highly targeted traffic delivering insurance shoppers to your site.

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Pay Per Call

Consumer initiated calls with 100% contact rate.

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Shared Leads

Same quality of an exclusive lead but at a fraction of the cost.

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